How Often Should Commercial Windows Be Cleaned?

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Windows are an integral part of a building, not only do they alleviate the entire look of the structure but also prevent them from getting damaged. However, most people tend to ignore their window’s maintenance and cleaning because of the technical cleaning method. Your windows get dirty, both on the outside as well as the inside, hence, to ensure their durability you must get them cleaned at least every 2 months by a professional that uses High rise window cleaning.

Important Factors that decide the Frequency of Cleaning

Your building’s location, climate, nearby traffic, pollution levels and landscaping are some important determiners of when and how often you should get your windows cleaned. Even if your office is surrounded by a lot of greenery doesn’t save you from the potential dust, air debris and dripping sap. 

Weather again is an important factor that decides the level of exposure of the windows. If your area’s weather is usually damp, rainy or humid, your windows will require consistent cleaning episodes in order to get rid of the unwanted mineral deposits.

Office location is by far the most dominant factor amongst all. If your building is in a rush urban area, there will be no doubt a lot of pollution due to the traffic. However, if the area is secluded and quiet, there will be comparatively less need for window cleaning services. 

These factors apply to almost all the commercial buildings from healthcare centers to hotels, offices and even retail stores.

Healthcare Centers

Undoubtedly, hospitals and other healthcare clinics need to be clean at all times as there should be no compromise on hygiene. Hospitals themselves are home to many infections and germs which is why in order to minimize the risk of contracting any potential infection, all the areas must be cleaned and sanitized at all times. 

Consequently, the frequency of cleaning the windows in health centers should be higher than in any other building. It is advised to clean the glass panes and the windows at least once a week. 

Workplaces and Offices

Workplaces and offices are where numerous people come every day. From organizations and clients coming for business deals as well as the employees, it can be said that these office’s windows need frequent cleaning to remain presentable and impressive at all time. Hence, it is advised to get them cleaned every week.

Hotels and Restaurants

Every hotel usually entertains many guests and clients in a day hence it is expected that the cleaning might be compromised due to so many visits. Apart from the high humidity content due to cooking, there are stains on the windows as people may smear soiled fingers on the glass panes. This might give a dis satisfactory and unclean impression to the guests. Hence it is recommended to clean the inside and outside of restaurant windows at least twice every 7 days.

Retail Stores

Huge retail stores get loads of clients every day that carry dust and debris in with their footwear. Moreover, sliding and automatic doors continually make residue and dirt stick to items and windows. The residue that assembles on windows can cause potential damage to the retail products. Subsequently, to get rid of any unwanted residue or dirt, huge stores should wash their glass windows twice each week.

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