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Many confuse Technical Rope Access with Bosun’s Chair in High-Rise building Sector.

Bosun’s Chair is designed only for repelling, while Rope access technicians descend, ascend, transfer rope-to-rope, haul heavy equipment and material with full ability to perform Rope Rescue at any time.

Reasons to use our Rope Access Services in Toronto Area

Technical Rope access services will make use of modern techniques, equipment, and training to produce safe, efficient, versatile, and cost-effective solutions for vertical access problems.

At Imperium Building Services Ltd., we provide Technical Rope Access Services in Toronto and across GTA. We have a team of versatile, professional technicians who’ll provide rope access services to come up with customized solutions for your building’s cleaning and exterior repair projects. 

Where Swing Stage or scaffolds create inconvenience for the residents or present challenging and expensive setup, is where our Rope Access technician comes in.

Our rope access services include:

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modern equipment

Imperium Building Services Ltd. – The innovative pioneers of industrial rope access

As the innovative pioneers of industrial rope access, we strive to present our clients with safe, eco-friendly, and most effective solutions for their building’s exterior maintenance and repair needs. At Imperium Building Services Ltd., Our rope access technicians utilize modern equipment, and access strategies to eliminate the cost of heavy lift equipment and inconvenience.

Advantages of choosing our rope access power washing service

  • Fast execution

The time that we need to start working and finish our projects will be considerably less then what traditional methods take.

  • Avoiding the use of heavy equipment

Large work platforms create great inconvenience to the residents, which may also lead to damaged personal property and residents not being able to enjoy their privet terrace on off-work hours.

  • Flexible, customized projects

Our rope access technicians is very versatile and flexible as we can easily take any type of rope access project and provide safe, efficient services at any height.

  • Reduced costs

Technical Rope Access helps to lower the cost of accessing different areas of the building compared to the traditional methods such as scaffolding or swing stage.

  • Work safety

All our Rope Access technicians are trained and certified by Industrial Rope Access Trade Association and SPRAT.  We rigorously follow the laws, regulations, and technical rules of Rope Access.

pressure washing with rope access service

Other services

high-rise pressure washing


High rise pressure washing using Technical Rope Access eliminates the use of Swing Stage. It is the safest and most cost-effective method of fighting against mold and dirt build up on building walls. Our professional Rope Access Pressure Washing team will get to every spot on your building. We are Pressure Washing Equipment Experts and Technical Rope Access Professionals all in one, which makes us Toronto’s best Rope Access Pressure Washing Contractor

high-rise window cleaning


As the leader of high rise window cleaning services in Toronto and GTA, it is our mission to provide high-quality results. With our Technical Rope Access cleaning methods, we’ll clean the windows in the safest and most efficient way, although we still run full Swing Stage Division in our company. We have full ability to choose the best work access method for every project.

rope access services


Exterior Building Repairs using Technical Rope Access method comes very useful for smaller repairs where Swing Stage method is expensive or creates great inconvenience to the residents. We don’t have to leave the work platform parked on someone’s terrace or busy city side walk. On off-work days, evenings and weekends residents can enjoy their outdoor comfort space as if we were never there.

Reach the Inaccessible With Rope Access technician!

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At Imperium Building Services Ltd., we always perfect our skills of Technical Rope Access. Among our clients, we are known for our ability to safely work on the most difficult building structures, while satisfying even the most hard to please residents.

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Contact us to schedule your free, no obligation quote today.

  • Confidential. Secure. No Spam.